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In restoration and conservation of historic instruments, all
consideration must be given to preserving all elements that contribute to the art. All musical instruments need protection from the elements. Some also need protection from the curious, skilled, well-intentioned luthiers who mistakenly try to right a wrong, and in so doing, destroy critical history.

Not every instrument should be fully restored to playing condition. Some should be conserved for preservation as works of art. Others might require reconstruction using utmost discipline and skill. Whether restored to playing condition or not, keeping older instruments healthy requires expert ongoing maintenance. Well-maintained instruments can often be played even if they are five hundred years old.

My approach to historic instruments is to seek a thorough understanding of the instrument's past and future possibilities. Years of research in historic construction practices informs my work. In my ongoing studies, I attempt to master old world techniques and disciplines. While neither ignorant nor averse to present day technologies, I nevertheless find the old ways more reliable and having stood the test of time.

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