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Recorder & Custom Instrument Making


Currently I make soprano and alto recorders in C and F respectively. They are tuned at 440hz in equal temperament or quarter comma mean tone.

Renaissance or transitional style have a wide bore and are available in either concert voicing or loud out door voicing.

The baroque models are highly tapered and ornamented after 18th century English makers.

Sopranos start at $800 and altos $1000. Low pitch altos start at $1800. My waiting list is currently two years. My assistant is Master Artist Eric Amadeus VonPrizing.

I retrofit many newer bowed string instruments to the 17th or 18th century styles.

Other instruments I currently make are tabor pipes, whistles, Renaissance bows, and commissioned custom instruments of all sorts.


Bellwood Violin
Ashland, Oregon
(541) 482-1436